The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (2023)

In the world of everyday carry pocket tools, there might not be anything quite as impactful and historically significant as the Swiss Army Knife. In fact, this iconic tool is so ubiquitous in popular culture that it is often used as the benchmark for other pieces of gear — e.g. something being called “the Swiss Army Knife of [insert item type here].” And while the world has changed drastically since this tool was first introduced, it remains a stalwart staple of the pocket gear and multi-tool industries.

The thing is, while SAKs are often thought of as do-anything tools, there are actually quite a number of different varieties — each built with a specific overall application in mind. So, while most of them can perform quite a few different tasks, some are more well-suited to certain circumstances than others. It’s with this in mind that we’ve put together the following list of the 15 best Swiss Army Knives you can buy. Whether you’re an office-going urbanite, bushy-bearded woodsman, salty fisherman, or something else entirely, you’ll find an SAK that suits your needs in the collection below.

A Brief History Of SAKs

Mythical Multi-Tools

While the Swiss Army Knife doesn’t technically hold the distinction of being the world’s first multi-tool — that honor belongs to tools dating back as far as the Roman Empire — it could be argued that it was the world’s first mass-produced multi-tool and even helped define what, exactly, a multi-tool is as we know it today. The first SAK was actually introduced in the late 1800s, after the Swiss Army decided they needed a new standard-issue pocket knife for its soldiers. After contracting with a German company on their first batch of orders, the Swiss Army eventually turned to a man named Karl Elsener to build these folding multi-tools on Swiss soil. While the contract nearly bankrupted Elsener and his company, they eventually persevered and became the brand we know of today as Victorinox — the sole manufacturer of Swiss Army Knives.

However, in the early days, Victorinox didn’t have exclusive manufacturing rights to the SAK. Rather, the Swiss Army — likely in a bid to save money and increase output — also contracted with another company called Wenger. For decades, the brands duked things out on the market, though there was not a clear winner until the mid-aughts — at which point Victorinox purchased Wenger and, eventually, folded the brand into their own company. This left Victorinox as the sole manufacturer of genuine Swiss Army Knives, and it remains this way to this day. Now, the brand offers over 100 different, distinct models of varying shapes, sizes, numbers of built-in tools, purposes, etc. And SAKs remain some of the most beloved pieces of everyday carry gear available — a trend that’s likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

The Best Swiss Army Knives of 2022

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (1)

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife

Even if all you have room for is something small enough to stash on your keychain, you can still get a useful, multipurpose Swiss Army Knife in the form of the Classic SD you see here. At under 3 inches in length and weighing less than an ounce, this micro-sized tool features seven built-in functions, including (but not limited to) a blade, scissors, tweezers, a nail file, and more. If this isn’t proof of Victorinox’s SAK lineup versatility, we don’t know what is.

No. of Tools: 7
Handle Material: ABS/Cellidor
Length (Closed): 2.28″

Purchase: $17

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (2)

Victorinox Signature Lite Swiss Army Knife

Roughly the same overall size as the preceding SAK, the Signature Lite Swiss Army Knife differs in some fairly substantial ways — ways that might sway you into picking this one instead. For starters, this one is available in a trio of handsome transparent colorways, as well as a classic solid-red option. More importantly, however, this pocket folding multi-tool comes equipped with seven built-in functions that range from old standards — like a blade and scissors — to some more useful modern additions — like an integrated flashlight and a pressurized ballpoint pen. For anyone that finds themselves frequently in need of a writing utensil, but not desirous of a single-purpose pen, this SAK is a stellar EDC alternative.

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No. of Tools: 7
Handle Material: ABS/Cellidor
Length (Closed): 2.3″

Purchase: $33+

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (3)

Victorinox Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife

For those not in the know, the Red Dot Design Awards offer some of the most lauded product-focused accolades around. So when something wins one, it’s an achievement worth bragging about. Well, the Victorinox Nail Clip 580 Swiss Army Knife won one of these awards back in 2016, and it’s still a noteworthy release to this day. You see, along with being sized small enough to stash in even the most crowded pockets and/or on keychains and boasting seven built-in tools (like a knife, scissors, and a file), this tool also has built-in nail clippers. That makes this SAK particularly well-suited to use by travelers who appreciate good hygiene and the cleanliness of their appearance. Our one request: don’t share this one amongst your friends, family, and colleagues — not at least without sanitizing it first.

No. of Tools: 8
Handle Material: ABS/Cellidor
Length (Closed): 2.6″

Purchase: $33+

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (4)

Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool

Even the ultra-compact keychain version of Swiss Army Knives are sometimes not formatted in a manner that allows for everyone to make room for one. But Victorinox has taken that into consideration in numerous ways, including with the release of its Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool. You see, this handy multi-tool is formatted to be roughly the same size as a credit card, albeit a touch thicker. This allows users to potentially stash it in their wallet — meaning, whenever you have access to your credit cards and cash, you’ll also have access to its 13 built-in functions. For those keeping score, that includes things like an integrated flashlight, multiple drivers, scissors, a magnifying glass, and more. Furthermore, you can get it in Victorinox’s signature red, a vibrant blue, or an always-classic black.

No. of Tools: 13
Handle Material: ABS/Cellidor
Length (Closed): 3.2″

Purchase: $34+

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (5)

Victorinox Cadet Swiss Army Knife

If you like the idea of owning a Swiss Army Knife that’s as close as possible to the original model issued to actual Swiss soldiers back in the late 1800s, then the Victorinox Cadet might be your best bet. This no-nonsense SAK comes with 9 built-in functions that include a knife blade, can opener, wire stripper, screwdrivers, and more. Better still, it comes in three handsome colorways — each with handle scales crafted from textured Alox (Victorinox’s proprietary stainless steel) for added durability and toughness. This 3.3″ folding, pocketable multi-tool isn’t boastful or fancy, but it’s reliable and true and will serve you for years and years — so long as you care for it properly.

No. of Tools: 9
Handle Material: Alox
Length (Closed): 3.3″

(Video) Victorinox Evolution 14 vs Compact - best EDC Swiss Army Knife?

Purchase: $35

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (6)

Victorinox Jetsetter@work Swiss Army Knife

Though not always the case, some Swiss Army Knives are mostly in line with the functions of their similarly-sized brethren, but stand out thanks to a single unique addition. Such is the case with the Victorinox Jetsetter@work that you see before you now. You see, this device comes with some mostly standard integrated tools — like a pair of spring-loaded scissors and a hybrid driver/bottle opener — but it also has a built-in thumb drive with 16GB of available storage, making this perfect for anyone that finds themselves needing to move files from place to place. Better still, this EDC Swiss Army Knife doesn’t have an actual blade, so it also happens to be completely TSA-compliant and, therefore, perfect for long-distance travelers.

No. of Tools: 6
Handle Material: Alox
Length (Closed): 2.3″

Purchase: $42

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (7)

Victorinox Cheese Master Swiss Army Knife

As we mentioned earlier, if you can think of an activity in which simple hand tools would be helpful, there’s probably already a Swiss Army Knife made for those circumstances. Take, for instance, the Victorinox Cheese Master Swiss Army Knife. As you might have guessed from its name, this knife was made specifically with cheese and, more broadly, charcuterie in mind — making this perhaps the ideal pocketable multi-tool for picnics, camping, etc. In fact, it has eight built-in food-focused functions ranging from (you guessed it) a cheese knife to a corkscrew and everything in-between. If you’re really intrepid in your culinary adventures, it even has a built-in fondue fork. How’s that for a mobile do-everything kitchen tool?

No. of Tools: 8
Handle Material: Polyamide
Length (Closed): 4.4″

Purchase: $54

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (8)

Victorinox Swiss Soldier’s Knife 08

The original Swiss Army Knife was, as its name suggests, designed for use by in-the-field soldiers. As it turns out, Victorinox hasn’t lost touch with that original intention — and they’ve even gone so far as to continue to update, iterate, modernize, and upgrade their field-ready options for the world of today. And that’s what we have here in the aptly-named Victorinox Swiss Soldier’s Knife 08. This 10-function multi-tool was made explicitly with field functionality in mind and its integrated suite of tools includes a partially-serrated knife, a saw, bottle and can openers, and numerous others. Whether you’re an actual soldier or just an outdoorsman with a penchant for tough multi-tools, this SAK should serve you beautifully.

No. of Tools: 10
Handle Material: Two-Component Scales
Length (Closed): 4.4″

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Purchase: $56

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (9)

Victorinox Spartan PS Swiss Army Knife

As is the case with all everyday carry gear, your Swiss Army Knife should be considered a tool first and foremost. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be handsome and stylish, as is the case with the Victorinox Spartan PS Swiss Army Knife you see here. For starters, the blacked-out finish goes with just about any loadout and/or outfit. But there’s a lot more to it than that. You see, the tools on this SAK have a “polispectral” finish that makes them appear different depending upon the angle and lighting — kind of like those color-change car paint jobs. Of course, it’s also still a useful multi-tool with 12 built-in functions, ranging from knives to corkscrews and everything in-between.

No. of Tools: 12
Handle Material: ABS/Cellidor
Length (Closed): 3.6″

Purchase: $80

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (10)

Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox Knife

You’d think that the “Knife” portion of “Swiss Army Knife” would get a bit more focus — but it does seem, with some SAKs, that the knife is an afterthought. That’s not even remotely the case, however, with the Victorinox Hunter Pro Alox Knife. Instead, this is a single-purpose dedicated EDC folding blade that can go toe-to-toe with the best of them (within its own price point, at the very least). It measures up at a hefty 9.125″ in length, courtesy of a sturdy textured Alox handle, a stainless steel blade, and a durable and reliable back lock. It even comes with its own paracord lanyard, lending credence to its outdoor-focused name. If you want Swiss ingenuity in a dedicated knife, this is the blade you seek.

No. of Tools: 1
Handle Material: Alox
Length (Closed): 5.375″

Purchase: $100

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (11)

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool X

Just because it isn’t formatted like a traditional Swiss Army Knife is not reason enough to discount the Victorinox SwissTool X. In fact, for some, it might actually be a pretty major bonus that this particular device is formatted more like a multi-tool ala Leatherman. Crafted entirely from stainless steel, this hefty folding EDC tool features a whopping 26 built-in functions including multiple blades (knife and saw), multiple drivers, rulers, and so much more. Furthermore, each individual tool is made in Switzerland and benefits from a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. If you’re in search of a solid Swiss Army Knife but you find yourself drawn more to modern multi-tools, this formidable folding tool bridges that gap beautifully.

No. of Tools: 26
Handle Material: Stainless Steel
Length (Closed): 4.5″

Purchase: $113

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The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (12)

Victorinox Swisschamp Knife

If you’re seeking the ultimate bang-for-your-buck Swiss Army Knife for your everyday carry loadout, you may feel particularly drawn to the Victorinox Swisschamp SAK you see here — available with your choice of walnut wood or ABS/Cellidor handle scales. And while the styling is certainly spectacular, especially in the wood option, the star of the show is undoubtedly the 33 integrated tools — which, together, make this a remarkably formidable multi-tool. This handy-all-around folding EDC pocket tool, between its handle scales, boasts a duo of blades (small and large), multiple drivers, multiple saws, metric and imperial rulers, bottle and can openers, and so much more. For anyone looking to hit as many points as possible, this might be your best SAK option at a reasonable price point.

No. of Tools: 33
Handle Material: Walnut Wood
Length (Closed): 3.6″

Purchase: $139

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (13)

Victorinox Wine Master Swiss Army Knife

Back in 2018 (not so long ago), the Victorinox Wine Master Swiss Army Knife took home the Red Dot Design Award for Kitchen Innovation of the Year. That alone lends credence to the overall quality and functionality of this particular tool, especially with anyone that has an appreciation for wine and wide-adjacent beverages and foods. Housed within a wooden handle — built from your choice of walnut or olive — this device features a large blade, corkscrew, foil cutter, two-step lever, bottle opener, and key ring — making it one of the all-time best wine-focused multi-tool around. Whether you’re a bartender or server at a fine dining restaurant or you just like to take your wine out for a picnic from time to time, this tool will serve you beautifully and faithfully for years.

No. of Tools: 6
Handle Material: Walnut or Olive Wood
Length (Closed): 5.1″

Purchase: $155

The 14 Best Swiss Army Knives For Everyday Carry (14)

Victorinox Ranger Grip Boatsman Swiss Army Knife

Though many Swiss Army Knives are made to suit a wide variety of purposes, some can still manage that better — given the right circumstances. For instance, if you’re a fisherman and/or boat owner — or just someone that spends a lot of time on some kind of vessel floating on a body of water — you may be drawn to the Victorinox Ranger Grip Boatsman. While it still follows the same basic premise of other SAKs, the tools installed within this folding multi-tool are better suited to DIY boat repair and maintenance. The 22 said tools include sturdy needlenose pliers, a partially-serrated knife blade, shackle opener, marlinspike, and many more. It also has a two-composite handle — with rubber inlays — that’s better suited to grip when wet.

No. of Tools: 22
Handle Material: Two-Component Scales
Length (Closed): 5.1″

Purchase: $220

The Complete Guide To Custom Swiss Army Knives

As it turns out, SAKs are actually quite friendly to modifications. That means, if you want one but you’d like to put your own personal twist on it, it’s actually quite manageable to do so. You can learn everything you need to know and more on our complete guide to custom SAKs.

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What is the most useful Victorinox knife? ›

I often get asked what is the best Swiss Army knife to buy, and my answer is always the same: the Victorinox Alox Pioneer X. The reason it's the best is simple. The Victorinox Alox Pioneer X has the best combination of tools and blades for real-world use. It's also compact, easy to carry, and built to last a lifetime.

Which Swiss Army knife has the most functions? ›

The Wenger Giant is the world's largest Swiss Army knife, packing 141 functions into 87 implements.

What is the metaphor of the Swiss Army knife? ›

The Swiss Army Knife is a metaphor depicting the qualities of usefulness and versatility. In the late 1880s, the Swiss Army commissioned the production of a new folding pocket knife for its soldiers who needed to open canned food and assemble their service rifles.

Which Swiss Army knife did MacGyver use? ›

Throughout his escapades, MacGyver often saved the day with a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.

What is the best Victorinox for daily use? ›

The Victorinox Bantam Swiss Army Knife is a compact and lightweight pocket knife that is perfect for everyday use. It features a large blade, a combination tool, and 8 essential functions, including a screwdriver and a wire stripper.

Which budget Victorinox knife is the best? ›

Another Victorinox knife line, the Fibrox, is our top budget pick in our guide to the best knife sets.

Which Swiss Army knife does NASA use? ›

The knife itself is a mandatory tool aboard every NASA flight. Victorinox is the company that manufactures the Swiss Army knife. In 1891, founder Karl Elsener landed a contract to design and fabricate a versatile pocketknife for the Swiss Army.

What is the most used knife army? ›

Ka-Bar. The Ka-Bar is in the number 1 spot because of its expansive issue, beloved reputation, and overall handiness. The Ka-Bar is both a highly effective fighting knife and utility tool. The Marine Corps originally issued the Ka-Bar to be fighting knives and utility knives.

Why you should always carry a Swiss Army knife? ›

They are small, lightweight and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Plus, they come with a variety of useful tools that can be used for many different tasks. Besides having multiple tools on them, they are also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Is Swiss Army Knife a compliment? ›

Being a Swiss Army Knife – The ultimate compliment! Simply, this is a player's ability to carry and excel at many skills. Sure, being very good at specific traits helps catch an early eye…

What military symbol has a knife? ›

The V-42 is a legendary knife that today is an enduring symbol of the most elite of the U.S. Army. No article of equipment is as synonymous with the First Special Service as their V-42 Fighting Knife.

What's another word for Swiss Army Knife? ›

pocket knife

nounknife with folding blade. Swiss Army knife. flick knife. penknife. pocketknife.

What knife does the CIA use? ›

Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife - CIA.

What is the oldest Swiss Army Knife? ›

Originating in Ibach, Switzerland, the Swiss Army knife was first produced in 1891 when the Karl Elsener company, which later became Victorinox, won the contract to produce the Swiss Army's Modell 1890 knife from the previous German manufacturer.

What is the original Swiss Army Knife brand? ›

Welcome to Victorinox

In 1884, the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded his cutler's business. A few years later, he paved the way for an unparalleled company history by developing the legendary «Original Swiss Army Knife».

Is Victorinox made in China? ›

The Victorinox knives are all made in Switzerland. They do sell some Chinese made accessories, but not knives.

Is Victorinox allowed in airport? ›

Checked Bags: Yes

Except for plastic or round bladed butter knives. Any sharp objects in checked bags should be sheathed or securely wrapped to prevent injury to baggage handlers and inspectors. For more prohibited items, please go to the 'What Can I Bring?' page.

Is Victorinox better than Wenger? ›

While both Victorinox and Wenger offer watches with the best Swiss craftsmanship and precision, Wenger's watches lean more towards a modern and contemporary style. In contrast, Victorinox Swiss Army watches emphasize luxury that is wrapped in good old-fashioned workmanship.

What is the best Swiss Army knife for a mechanic? ›

The Mechanic Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is one of the best equipped Victorinox knives we carry. If you are looking for a fully stocked, lightweight and compact multi-tool, please consider the Victorinox BSA Licensed Mechanic Swiss Army pocket knife.

What knife does Gordon Ramsay recommend? ›

According to MasterClass, Ramsay prefers Henckels knives, which are a German style brand. As Acit Group states, German style chef's knives are noted for their bulky blades that are tough enough to handle the likes of chicken bones owing to their extra heft.

What brand is similar to Victorinox? ›

The original Swiss Army Knife has spawned countless competitors for your EDC selection. Makers like Boker, Leatherman, Gerber, Swiza, MKM and more have much to offer and certainly give the trusty SAK a run for its money! Best Swiss Army Knife Alternatives: Victorinox Vs The World!

What knife does the Air Force carry? ›

The USAF Pilot Survival Knife is the best and most versatile survival knives. This iconic survival knife is carried used by US Armed Forces for generations. The 5 inch carbon steel blade is Parkerized to eliminate glare. The blade also has zinc phosphate finish to prevent rust.

What knife went to the moon? ›

The original Case Astronaut Knife M-1's traveled to the Moon and back nine times as part of a survival pack on board the spacecraft used in every Gemini (1962-66) and Apollo (1961-75) space mission led by NASA.

Do astronauts carry Swiss Army knives? ›

As such, security forces around the world rely on our pocket knife. In fact, even NASA equips its astronauts with Swiss Army Knives.

What knife do Navy SEALs prefer? ›


They specifically designed the Ontario 497 Mark 3 Navy Fixed Blade Knife to handle the elements. During operations, Navy SEALs need to rely on their equipment to get the job done. The Mark 3 has several features that make it ideal for special operations.

What knife do Marines carry? ›

The Ka-Bar USMC fighting knife is a legendary blade that was first designed to serve US troops during World War II.

What knife do most police carry? ›

Urethane replica ASP training knife is ideal for law enforcement and military tactical training.... The choice of law enforcement officers for over a decade, the Spyderco C07 police knife is...

Can you defend yourself with a Swiss Army knife? ›

As for the Swiss Army knife, it leaves much to be desired as a self-defense weapon. One of the best self-protections is situational awareness. That means not just awareness about your surroundings but visualizing what you would and could do to protect yourself in those surroundings.

Why carry a knife everyday? ›

Carrying a knife makes it easier to cut tape, cut string, cut trailing threads on clothing, open boxes, open clamshell packaging, cut/strip wires, prepare food like fruits and vegetables, open mail/envelopes, open food packaging, cut paper when scissors are absent, cut zip ties, cut tubing, remove tags from new ...

Is a Swiss Army knife a good weapon? ›

You should never ever use the Swiss Army Knife as a weapon, even if you are just playing. Our blades are sharp and could cause serious injury. Our pocket knives are intended for many purposes but violence is not one of them.

What does it mean to gift a Swiss Army Knife? ›

Knives Are a Sign of Trust. The classic Swiss Army Knife, perfect for everyone. In Scandinavia, the gift of a knife is a sign of respect and admiration. You hand the receiver the knife with the handle towards them as a sign of trust.

What is the fallen military symbol? ›

The Battlefield Cross, alternatively referred to as the Fallen Soldier Battlefield Cross, Soldier's Cross, or just Battle Cross, is a symbolic replacement of a cross, or memorial marker appropriate to an individual service-member's religion, on the battlefield or at the base camp for a soldier who has been killed.

Why do Marines use knife hands? ›

Though most of the time, the knife-hand is used purely as an intimidation tactic for new recruits at boot camp, it's good to know that striking the exact right spot can render even a hardened Marine as limp as a wet noodle.

Why are Swiss Army knives red? ›

The name Victorinox was inspired by Elsener's mother Victoria, and the French term for stainless steel, les inox. And in case you were wondering: the iconic color red is no coincidence. It makes the knife stand out when lost in the snow.

Can you sharpen Swiss Army Knife? ›

The pocket knife can be sharpened with a whetstone, a grinding wheel or a specially designed knife sharpener. To resharpen our Swiss Army knives, we recommend the small Victorinox Sharpy. It lets you sharpen any pocket knife blade quickly, easily and safely to perfect cutting precision.

Is Victorinox the same as Swiss Army? ›

Today, Victorinox is a global company with five product categories: Swiss Army Knives, Household and Professional Knives, Watches, Travel Gear and Fragrances.

What knife do Green Berets carry? ›

This knife is known to the U.S. Army Special Forces as "The Yarborough" and to everyone else as "The Green Beret Knife". It is a no-nonsense, hardworking tool, designed by renowned knife maker and designer Bill Harsey, with function and manufacturing input from Chris Reeve.

What is the knife John Wick uses? ›

Balisong Knife: Also known as a butterfly knife, this weapon is recognizable by its two handles that rotate around the tang of the blade. John Wick uses this knife in films for quick and precise cuts.

What knife do Russian soldiers use? ›

The NR-40 has a 152 mm blade with a clip point, a large ricasso, a black wooden handle, and an S-shaped guard. The guard is "inverted" (unlike most S-shaped guards, it curves towards the edge) because standard Soviet Army grips called for holding the knife with the edge upwards.

What does the Victorinox cross mean? ›

For us, the Victorinox Cross & Shield is a very meaningful symbol: the cross represents strength and positivity, the shield represents protection. The Victorinox Cross & Shield is now trademarked in more than 120 countries.

How old should you be to have a Swiss Army knife? ›

As such we do not sell bladed products to anybody under the age of 18 and reserve the right to cancel any order at our own discretion. The bladed products process, in accordance with the law, applies to any fixed or locking blade of any size and any folding knife with a blade of 3 inches or longer.

What is the 65000 year old knife? ›

The artefacts, also known as the “stone Swiss Army knife” of prehistory, were made to a similar template across great distances, the study – published in Scientific Reports – reveals. These tools were produced in enormous numbers across southern Africa roughly 60-65,000 years ago.

How many different Swiss Army knives are there? ›

Today, the "Officers' Knife" is available in over 100 different models. The Victorinox headquarters, manufacturing facility, and show room are located in the Swiss town of Ibach.

What is special about Victorinox knives? ›

The forged blade of a Victorinox knife contains more carbon, which makes the steel harder and helps it stay sharper longer. Since it is forged from a single piece, it's more difficult for your hand to slip from the handle onto the blade.

What is the best Swiss tool Victorinox? ›

The Victorinox Compact is one the knife community's favorite pocket multi-tools, and for good reason. The Compact has the same number of tools as the Huntsman, but is a full 1.20 ounces lighter and 0.20″ thinner.

What is the most used knife by special forces? ›


They specifically designed the Ontario 497 Mark 3 Navy Fixed Blade Knife to handle the elements. During operations, Navy SEALs need to rely on their equipment to get the job done. The Mark 3 has several features that make it ideal for special operations.

Do chefs use Victorinox knives? ›

Though better known for their Swiss Army knives, Victorinox's cutlery is a popular choice in both home and professional kitchens. Made in a simple, unpretentious style, they're an excellent starting point for beginner and intermediate cooks.

Are Victorinox knives made in China? ›

The Victorinox knives are all made in Switzerland. They do sell some Chinese made accessories, but not knives.

What knife does Navy SEAL use? ›

Cold Steel SRK Survival Rescue Fixed Blade Knife with Secure-Ex Sheath - Standard Issue Knife of the Navy SEALs, Great for Tactical, Outdoors, Hunting and Survival Applications.

Why you should always carry a Swiss Army Knife? ›

They are small, lightweight and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Plus, they come with a variety of useful tools that can be used for many different tasks. Besides having multiple tools on them, they are also very durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

What is the knife with a hole in it for Swiss Army Knife? ›

And yet, have you ever stopped to think what purpose that little hole in the middle of it serves? It turns out that particular aspect makes it not only an awl, but also a sewing needle. It doesn't work quite like a traditional one, of course, because there's no way to push your entire knife through a piece of material.

Why do people use Swiss Army knives? ›

One of the best things about Swiss Army Knives is that they aren't aggressive weapons, they're useful tools. SAKs aren't kept for self-defense, but for convenience. Their discreet versatility is what makes them an essential travel companion.

What knife do pilots carry? ›

A knife with a window breaker, also known as the “hammer of urgency” is designed to break out the Plexiglas windows to allow the pilot to egress.

What knife do Green Berets use? ›

This knife is known to the U.S. Army Special Forces as "The Yarborough" and to everyone else as "The Green Beret Knife". It is a no-nonsense, hardworking tool, designed by renowned knife maker and designer Bill Harsey, with function and manufacturing input from Chris Reeve.


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