2023 Allstate Defensive Driving Course Discount (2023)

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Yes, Allstate offers a defensive driving course discount, but only in states that legally mandate it. Thirty-four states and the District of Columbia require insurance companies to provide a defensive driving discount to eligible drivers, though exact discount amounts and requirements vary.

If Allstate does not offer a defensive driving discount in your state, you should still consider taking a course. By going to traffic school, you can learn how to better avoid at-fault accidents and moving violations, which would increase your Allstate premium. In some states, defensive driving courses can even reduce points on your license or prevent a moving violation from going on your record.

To learn more, check out WalletHub’s guide to Allstate discounts.

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People also ask

Is the Allstate Motor Club worth it?

Yes, Allstate Motor Club is worth it if you want 24/7 roadside assistance anywhere in the U.S., and you anticipate using at least $89 in roadside assistance services in a year. Allstate Motor Club has two plans: Roadside Advantage, which costs $89 for the first year, and Roadside Elite, which costs $164 for the first year.read full answer

The cost to renew your membership is $105 per year for the Roadside Advantage plan and $179 per year for the Roadside Elite plan. Allstate Motor Club memberships can be purchased even if you don’t have an active insurance policy with Allstate.

Why Allstate Motor Club Is Worth It

  • 24/7 roadside assistance services, including towing, jump starts, lockouts, tire changes, reimbursement for repairs to tires and wheels, and fuel delivery. Keep in mind that neither membership covers the cost of fuel or any parts.
  • Members can add a second household member for free, though any additional members will add $24 to your yearly membership fee.
  • Up to seven service calls per year for families with the Roadside Elite plan. With the Roadside Advantage plan, you get up to five calls per year depending on how many people you add to your plan.
  • Covers any car a member drives, including cars they borrow or rent.
  • Access to trip planning tools and services, plus savings on travel, health and beauty supplies, entertainment, and more.
  • Members still have access to Allstate roadside assistance on a pay-per-use basis after exhausting their free service calls for a year.

Allstate’s Motor Club memberships also provide discounts on oil changes, auto parts, flights, and more. The Roadside Elite plan even includes motorcycle and RV coverage.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that if you break down on the side of the road or wake up to a flat tire at home, you’ll find that an Allstate Motor Club membership is worth having.

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Some notable competitors to Allstate Motor Club are AAA, National Motor Club, and Good Sam Roadside Assistance, but Allstate Motor Club stands out because of its multiple coverage options and its availability to customers on a pay-per-use basis.

To learn more about your Allstate Motor Club options, call 1-800-998-8697.

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What is a high-risk driving course?

A high-risk driving course is a class that teaches defensive driving and general traffic safety. High-risk driving courses are also referred to as “traffic school” or “remedial driving courses,” and they are often court mandated for drivers convicted of high-risk offenses. Good drivers looking to receive certain benefits like discounts on insurance can take similar driving courses, too.read full answer

The courses themselves are usually run by independent organizations who have had their programs approved by the state. While the exact requirements vary between states, most programs will take a total of four to eight hours to complete. You can choose between in person and online options, and the courses will usually cost anywhere from $15 to $100.

High-Risk Driving Courses Cover:

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  • State traffic laws
  • The dangers of DUI/DWI
  • Accident avoidance techniques
  • Driving and road safety statistics

When to Take a High-Risk Driving Course:

There are a few scenarios in which an individual could be required by a court to take a high-risk driving course, and each state’s program is different. If you’ve accrued too many tickets or multiple moving violations, taking the class might be a requirement for waiving a citation or extra penalties. Or if you’ve committed a more serious offense, passing traffic school could be mandated as a part of your sentence or as a requirement for reinstating a suspended license.

Although they’re often taken as part of a court mandate, high-risk driving courses can be taken voluntarily for certain benefits, too. For example, some insurance companies give discounts to drivers with good records who take defensive driving courses. In some states, the classes can improve your driving record if you have points on your license. And you can take them to simply become a better driver and save yourself money down the road by avoiding accidents altogether.

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Do you have to go to defensive driving school after a DUI?

You might have to go to defensive driving school after a DUI, depending on the state and the circumstances surrounding your DUI. If you’ve had your license revoked or suspended as a result of a DUI conviction, 22 states and the District of Columbia will require you to take a defensive-driving or alcohol-education course in order to reinstate it. Even in states where it’s not required, judges can still assign defensive driving classes to first offenders as an opportunity to reduce the DUI to a lesser charge or reduce the fines. read full answer

Defensive driving courses can be taken in person or online, and usually cost between $15 and $100. Basic classes take 4-8 hours to complete, and cover topics including the effects of alcohol on your driving, the dangers of impaired driving and how to avoid situations that could lead to DUI.

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How Defensive Driving Classes Help You After a DUI

  • Reinstating a Suspended License

Several states including California and Texas automatically suspend your license after a DUI conviction and require defensive driving classes to reinstate it.

  • Reducing Points on Your License

Point reduction systems are available in states like Alaska and Indiana, which allow you to take a defensive driving class to remove points from your license after a DUI conviction.

  • Reducing or Dismissing a DUI

In states where it isn’t mandatory, a judge could still offer defensive driving classes as an option if the DUI is your first offense and no one was injured. If the course is successfully completed, the charge could be reduced to wet reckless driving, which doesn’t carry as much weight as DUI.

If you’re not required to take defensive driving by the state, there are several factors that a judge will take into account when deciding whether or not to offer it as an option to reduce your penalties. If your blood alcohol level heavily exceeded the legal limit or you’ve had a previous DUI conviction, you’re far less likely to receive any leniency. And if you caused an accident that resulted in serious injury or death, expect to face severe criminal penalties.

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